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All in a Row

Someone's killing pretty young women in New York City.

Each murder seems just like the last. The media is tagging it as the beginning of a 'Serial Summer'. Only one cop would have the bad luck to be assigned to the case.

Fresh from the case that nearly ended his career, NYPD Homicide detective John Keegan is thrust into a series of murders looking more and more like the workings of the serial killer that the media is talking about.

Pressure comes from several areas. One of the victims is the granddaughter of a powerful Senator. The mayor fears the murders will affect his successful anti- crime initiative. Keegan's boss, passed over for a promotion, is eager to put this case to rest and secure a position higher up in the department.

On top of that, Keegan's partner seems troubled and has disengaged himself from the investigation, leaving Keegan to come to his own conclusions about the case and his partner. Before he solves the case, Keegan will be forced to analyze everything about his life and the people he has around him.

Who can be trusted? Who should he be suspicious of? The answers don't come easy, nor does the solution to what might be the first serial murder case the city has seen in years. © 2007 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use